I have always been curious of the microworld, of the life smaller than mine.
The insects, spiders and all the arthropods, obtain of me admiration. Also their micro ecosystems, moss, lichens and all micro plants with their micro flowers and leaves, which when revealed in photographs I can distinguish their micro parts. From the micro world I admire its infinity and abundance.

I love the photograph of every little being that reveals itself as a giant when I approach it.
The micro world teaches order, the sequence of a life that spirals and when it grows in size it has the same pattern, only to our human eyes is perceived larger.

A spiral shell that is born in a snail larva has the same geometric pattern as an immeasurable galaxy, therefore the micro world is the macro world but with another size, from another perspective of our limited human eyes and senses.

And what will happen to the invisible? The most micro of the microworld?



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