Reconnecting.  A message for your soul from mine.

Reconnecting. A message for your soul from mine.

Nature has no opinion about us. If you look closely, you will realize that it is pure, without additives, without over-understanding, it is simple and complex, relative and spontaneous.
A dandelion, an oak, a bird singing or a deer running, without past or future, only rooted in the present. Do you feel the peace and the power that radiates to notice it? Why do human beings lose this often?
Invaded by advertising, entertainment and modernity, we can feel in our own flesh, the disadvantages of stress. Everything artificial, created by the mind, hinders relaxation by keeping confusion and intellectual chaos active, depriving us of power and innate energy.

Sometimes, so egocentrically desperate, we create specialties of ourselves and of every part of our body and mind, becoming an island without a compass, deviating from that path in which we begin with the whole, without realizing that no matter how much we know about ourselves, without that everything around us (nature) and all its components, (water, vegetation, minerals and other living beings) we could not exist, because we were not designed to live in an environment where we only exist but where we coexist with others, in environments synchronized, symbiotic, synergistic and complementary.
Take a walk through the forest, breathe deeply and let yourself be invaded by its revitalizing magic. Be curious, leave your civilized manners and become wild as before, when you were a child. Climb trees, play with the earth, with water and rediscover the microworld.
Deep within us, behind that modern and entertaining makeup, is a savage in a latent state with unbridled power that is interested in living the now and is intimately connected with everything. Our well-maintained front gardens with only one meter of grass are boring, animals cannot live there and the few that arrive, are far away with our pesticide weapons, that is a clear sign that we suppress our essence. We have become so domesticated and rational that we no longer accept the natural order in ourselves or around us.

Enjoy the sensuality and beauty of green, the fresh air available, with the smell of flowers, forest, earth. Let yourself be seduced by the wind and the warm rays of sun on your skin. Sit before the wisdom of an old tree. Do not think, just feel. Throw away all your concepts for a moment and unlearn. Listen to the whisper of leaves and branches, swaying with the wind, and if you are aware enough, you will feel like one with him, because his essence has penetrated you and you become as calm and wise as that tree that carries hundreds of years there, in that same place where he has seen countless stations.
Everything around him, including himself, has changed several times. That is why it can teach peace and the simplicity of existence. Everything essential can be relearned from nature, animals and plants are great masters.
Nature is our pole to earth, it reconnects us because it is our source, we come from it and it is loaded with sensory experiences, here and now, beyond all the noisy mental discourses that we create. With it, we feel vital, alert and sensitive, attributes that we often lose in everyday life. We feel more to ourselves and the world around us, making everything even easier to perceive.
When we return to the routine, our concepts, ideas and plans for the future are not a big concern as our mind wanted it to be. We are connected and everything flows like water in a river.
Imagine for a moment the chaos that would reign in nature, if each plant and each animal were dominated by their thoughts of the past and the future?
Imagine a squirrel with her unstoppable mental noise, preparing her winter food supplies, thinking about the competition, worried that there will be no food for her or for her youngs, anxious for lack in a world that by nature is abundant.
She would be sick with worry and anxiety; she would suffer constant stress and extreme tension. Each bird would compare its song with the other. Many of them would remain silent because they would think that they do not sing well enough. The bumblebees would no longer dare to fly if they listened to the scientists, who assure that in proportion to their wings they are too heavy.
Or the grass would grow incessantly to be eaten several times only to discover that it is still growing and would be frustrated because maybe that would not make sense and would feel used. She would be confused because she would not understand his purpose.
Imagine how relaxed our human existence would be if we remembered our essence most of the time. Nature teaches us the Wisdom of the here and now, the present moment.

If we get more involved in our nature, in the present time, we can deal with problems in another way. Acting more and thinking less. Through that present presence, we cleanse ourselves, gain strength and energy with which we can act effectively.

Have you ever taken the time to feel like a living being immersed in this world and notice it? Imagine if you were a caterpillar in the process of metamorphosis, would not you find it fascinating?

All life, above and below the earth, in the water and in the air, everything is so colorful and so diverse, so abundant and so wise.
Amazing seems the right word and add everything we cannot see. You and I, and everything else, everyone, we are a part, an expression of that silence, of that intelligence that does not matter where it comes from but which is powerful. Our body in all its complexity has developed completely there without our will.
Our relationship with nature brings us peace, authenticity and simplicity. But our mind full of human data of all kinds, tells us that it is not easy. Turning that thought so that our mind thinks how easy it is, is the key to connecting.
Symbiosis is a close and persistent relationship between organisms of different species seeking mutual benefit. To do Symbiosis is to reconnect with nature.

Feel, you don’t need words or thoughts.
Reconnect yourself to nature, you are in all your rights.

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