Binoculars4charity is an association based in Zurich, Switzerland. It was founded in April 2017 by two wonderful friends: Juanita and Mathias.

In much of the world, binoculars and other ornithological equipment are luxury goods. At the same time, many people in Switzerland own fully functional optical devices that they rarely use. At Binoculars4charity, we aim to give such devices a meaningful second life. We pass them on to projects and institutions worldwide that are committed to nature conservation and ornithological training, but do not have the means to obtain binoculars, spotting scopes, guidebooks, etc.

The story and the statutes of Binoculars4charity may be downloaded here (in German only).

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Aquí más información sobre el profesor, doctor y vocero de la comunidad Gunadule, ABADIO GREEN


Aquí más información sobre el hogar de paso para perros rescatados, PARAISO CANINO ECOVIDA


Más información sobre el pianista MANUEL OBREGON aquí

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Those who have collaborated with us and with whom we share common themes on conservation, care, respect, good environmental practices, curious and interesting information, projects and work, among other topics:

Friends and collaborators

Milton Pinilla: Industrial designer and collaborator with the final Simbiosis logo design.

Hugo Holguin: English translator and supplier of our ecoshop

Linsey Rankin: English translator and provider of accommodation in Nuqui.

Christian Buffalino and Jasmin Bury: German translators und wonderful friends.

Norma Garcia: English translator and great friend

Adriana Morales: Ecologist and researcher of dry tropical forests.

The rock-ska bands KABALA, CLAXON and ska fusion LA TERRAZA who offered the concert music for horses

Amparo Cisneros, our friend and general manager Healing Bems, who works to generate awareness with nature.

Foundations and companies with Socio-Environmental work

ADA: (Asociación Defensora de Animales) Animal welfare association of Cartago (Valle – Colombia), with them we worked on the horses project

Samanea Foundation: They work for the protection of the Mountain Tapir (Tapirus Pinchaque) in the páramo del Puracé – Colombia

Arketipo: Visual communication in public spaces, signage and integral graphic concept.

Tsuru: Experts in origami jewelry (take a piece of paper and give life through folds that define shapes). Available in our ecoshop

The Coffee Q: Direct trade with Colombian farmers who grow coffee sustainably. Better salary and conservation of natural resources. Available by request, please contact us

Friendly Webs

Incredible animals: Animals that call your attention either because of their appearance, their scarcity or their strange customs.Timid and strange, curious, rare or unique animals.

Natura hoy: Blog dedicated to Nature and threatened species.