Our alliance with Go COLOMBIA Travel strengthens our 2017 project “Simbiotourism””

What is Simbiotourism?
It is the respectful and friendly tourism with the nature directed to travelers who want to go to unique places in Colombia while supporting local communities and their small businesses. The support is made through the visit and the exchange of their experiences with the local cultures and knowledge, tasting the native food, knowing the different Colombian cultures and traditions, watching the biodiversity, breathing pure air, but above all … disconnecting from the routine to connect with nature.

The routes we offer are for small groups and have everything included. They are carefully thought out so that visitors can see firsthand why Colombia is one of the megadiverse countries on the planet while the local host communities benefit. These communities, like everyone else in life, seek balance: the sustainability of their families and the conservation of nature.

SIMBIOTOURISM in Colombia is a fascinating trip, designed by nature lovers and professionals in ecotourism, both knowledgeable and aware enough to know that this type of visits contributes greatly to its development as long as it is done in a sustainable way.

In people it feels a change of mentality, both outside and within Colombia. Every year, more travelers are attracted by the natural wealth of this South American country. We know that the promotion of sustainable tourism must go hand in hand with local communities, which we will support not only through visits but also through other guidance mechanisms for sustainable development.

That is why we allied ourselves … taking advantage of the fact that in Simbiosis Activa ORG in Switzerland, we seek solutions to environmental problems through projects and activities based on education, respect, awareness of wildlife conservation, promoting the ecotourism, supporting communities and disseminate the good practices and GO COLOMBIA TRAVEL, a Colombian company of receptive tourism, dedicated to offer many alternatives of ecotourism, community and cultural trips within Colombia. We are Punctual and respectful, in process of obtaining the sustainability certificate. We know that adopting it as an organizational culture is the route to follow. For this and much more, we join so you can enjoy how wonderful it is to travel through Colombia.

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