We are an organization seeking solutions to environment problems right through projects and own activities or in partnership. The strategy used is based on education, respect, sensibility, awareness and conservation, being participatory and fair.

Our field of action is Colombia although our headquarters is in Zurich Switzerland. We are politically independent, according to article 60 ff of the Swiss Civil Code.

Our activities are based on conservation of flora and fauna, ecotourism that we call Simbiotourism, community support with the promotion of fair trade through the Ecoshop and good practices that benefit the nature right through environmental education mainly.

We are a bridge to sensitize people about the environmental damage to support and participate in projects that generate the resources needed for repair, recovery and maintenance; receiving in exchange an average improved environment and assertive information to learn how to care for and keep sustainably over the time.

Simbiosis (Symbiosis) is a term applied to the biological interaction as a close and continuing relationship between organisms of different species getting mutual benefit.

Therefore and according to the above, do Simbiosis between society (individuals, educational institutes, foundations, government, companies and organizations in general, children and adults without distinction of race, language, religion, social status, beliefs, resources, etc.) right through projects, it is our main purpose.

We are a symbiotic world. All live on planet earth and interact in different ways not often even perceive it.


Nature is not ours, we are part of it.

I would like there were no human obstacles to support valuable initiatives of people working in situ for conservation, I would like to see how action plans can simply be executed in favor of the quality of life of ecosystems and their inhabitants, those ecosystems that are now being degraded by human actions. Irma S.

If you want to contribute with ideas, support any project or be one of our sponsors please contact us.


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Statutes are in german  and spanish available

We are love in action