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Christmas set

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This Christmas, give something original, useful and long-lasting to your family, friends and clients. Handmade Christmas set with recycled elements and lots of love. Contains an envelope card and a...

Campaña de esterilización – 2 etapa

Sterilization campaign: ZERO STRAY ANIMALS (Goal: 50 animals) more infoSterilisationskampagne: Null Strassenhunde und -katzen (Ziel: 50 Tiere) Mehr infoCampaña de esterilización: CERO ANIMALES CALLEJEROS (Meta: 50 animalitos) more info

Viaje a Colombia

Do you want to travel with us to Colombia, help the community, be part of their lives and share knowledge? Be part of this adventure to observe whales in the Pacific Ocean, exotic birds in the coffee zone, majestic cathedrals in the savannah and the Amazonas. Route 1: From 22 July to 12 August 2018...