We are building the largest ENVIRONMENTAL ENCYCLOPEDIA in the world, we cordially invite you to make your contribution.

This project is mostly currently available in Spanish. Little by little it is being translated into English and German, if you want to collaborate in translations, please Contact us.

This encyclopedia in constant construction by Simbiosis Activa org, is composed of environmental terms and concepts taken  from Professionals in the field of biology, dictionaries and very valuable documents; Among them we highlight the dictionary of environmental terms of Aura Camacho and Liliana Barreiro Ariosa Roche, Encarta Encyclopedia, EOL.org, Wikipedia, Definición.de, etymologies dictionary, Word reference, Larousse, environmental Dictionary, Reverso.org, people who have provided through the forum, environmental websites, books, TV documentaries, newspapers, environmental magazines, among others. 

You can send terms, suggestions, corrections, updates, photographs or additional information to complete the definitions. We will be very grateful

Simbiosis Team