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Being a volunteer in our headquarters in Chocó – Colombia

Events planning
Translations (English, German and French)
Environmental impact studies
Gathering information about animals
Nature photographing sharing through us
Spreading our projects through internet

Helping animals directly

Adopting dogs or cats from our shelter, request information here
Veterinary resources (syringes, medicines, gauze, etc)
Shelter’s dogs and cats food. Please contact us

Spreading information

About our projects and activities through internet (social networks like facebook, Instagram, blogs, YouTube etc). Please contact us

Donating Money to support our projects

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Or via deposit / bank transfer in Colombian pesos (COP) in our Bancolombia bank account. Please request it here

Virtual Help

Ideas on the forum at the end of each page.
You can help us to continue creating the world’s largest Environmental Encyclopedia (Currently available in Spanish)

simbiosisactivaAdopting sustainability criteria

You can apply the 5 R’s:
Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, Refuse, Repair
in your home or workplace, as there are many unnecessary material things that contribute to pollution and that really have no use and clutter.

You can consume less plastic, paper or glass, reusing it, after cleaning.

You can eat less meat. Besides improving digestion, reduces the constant animal exploitation, torture to which they are subjected and the subsequent extinction of some vulnerable, who as exotic or considered aphrodisiacs (capybara, shark fins, tortoise eggs and a long etc) are removed from their habitat and reduced considerably, even to its complete extinction.

You can make Compost or organic fertilizer at home, with organic waste and use it as fertilizer plants and trees, or make your own earthworm-cultivation. Soon info about it.

You can report or report to the police, civil defense, protection of animals and firefighters any animal abuse indiscriminate burning of forests, or burnings of waste.

For any question please contact us

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