MANOS DEL MAR was started among friends at the end of 2016 after several visits to Colombia´s Pacific Coast.  We’ve been fortunate enough to have traveled to large cities and small pueblos throughout the country, but none of them have touched us quite like this region. We fell in love with the incredible nature and unique culture, and were compelled to do more than simply enjoy it. There is an abundant amount of plastic debris washing ashore with the daily tides, contaminating one of the largest fish populations in Colombia and destroying natural habitats of the nesting sea turtles.

In October 2016 we successfully launched a crowdfunding campaign where friends and family generously supported our cause to promote education and awareness among the locals and clean an area for sea turtles to nest. We executed our first beach clean up on the uninhabited beach of San Pichi with over 60 volunteers from the local Nuqui community to remove the oceanic trash that littered it.

With the help of volunteers we will continue cleaning the beaches and protecting one of the most biodiverse regions of the world.

Our long-term goal is to have a base in Nuqui where we can offer the community access to free education and other activities aimed at conservation. If you would like to learn more or support our projects, please check out our Facebook page “Manos del mar – Nuquí” or send us a message
Alternatively you can leave a donation on our crowdfunding campaign through CROWDRISE.

Manos del mar team
Kyle, Nikky and Linsey