Those who have worked and with whom we share common issues about preservation, care, respect, good environmental practices, curious and interesting information, projects and work, among other topics:

Friends and Sponsors

-Milton Pinilla: Industrial designer, partner of simbiosis in the final logo design.

-Hugo Holguin: English translation and eco-shop provider.

-Adriana Morales: Ecologist and researcher of tropical dry forests

-Diana Sarmiento: Biologist in conservation, endangered wildlife and research of tropical dry forests

-The rock-ska bands KABALA, CLAXON and ska fusion LA TERRAZA to offer their music for animals.

-Amparo Cisneros our friend and partner, is the general manager of Healing BEMS, with her we will work the environmental awareness and direct link to the human being with nature.


EcoVida Shelter: For abandoned and rescued dogs and cats.

Ada: Animal Defense Association. Cartago Valle – Colombia

Samanea Foundation: Mountain Tapir Protection(Tapirus Pinchaque)

Companies with socio-environmental work

Arketipo: Visual communication in public spaces, signage and overall graphic concept.

Tsuru: Origami Jewelry. Available in our Ecoshop.

Xue Bambú: Reusables bamboo pens with rechargeable pen leads. Their social work is in Arbelaez (Cundinamarca – Colombia) with increasing economic development of the municipality and jobs for women and youth. Promoting the environmental preservation of natural, sustainable and environmentally friendly resources and cultural identity with a sense of belonging through bamboo handicrafts. Available soon in our Ecoshop.

The Coffee Q: Direct trade with Colombian coffee farmers who grow sustainably. Better payments to employes and conservation of natural resources. Available in our Ecoshop.

Friendly websites

Natura Hoy: Blog dedicated to nature and endangered species

Incredible animals: Animals either by their appearance, their rarity or their strange customs, we attract attention. Timid, ugly and curious animals all cause us strangeness